Our Services

HR Function Management

To see among all the business function of a company to meet business goals and objectives it includes operations, financial management and marketing management and responsible for personnel administrations.

Training/ Soft skills

Soft skills, or interpersonal skills, relate to employees’ ability to get along well with others, social graces and communication abilities. Soft skills training for managers and employees is vital to successful collaboration in the workplace.

End to End Recruitments Solutions

The growth of any company depends on its talent and this follows choosing on a correct person. By the recruitment process, we can get the right person and virtually eliminate the risk of a company. we provide full outsourced recruitment for the companies. We assure that our clients fulfilled in their budget.

HR Compliance Management

Human Resources (HR) compliance is essential for any organization to be successful in today’s legal environment. HR compliance should be treated as a process of defining both individual and group behaviors to ensure the organization’s applicable laws and policies are followed.

HR Consulting

Handling all the extent outsource functions of a company HR and help the organization to focus on human resource performance and to serve their employe better to improve efficiency, productivity, communication, and employee morale. advising management on the administration of human resources and procedure. Conduct audits of HR activities to ensure compliance.

HR Audit, Payroll Management

Payroll management process refers to the administration of an employee’s financial records which includes the salaries, wages, bonuses, deductions, and net pay.

Manpower Outscoring

We source highly skilled Manpower on basis of client needs. Maintaining a database of suitable candidates and are capable of recommending the best ones. we provide right candidate to the company. As the customer-oriented organization we look forward to having a long-term relationship and we assure to meet the company’s requirement within the given time.